Corporate Crimanl Liability

We assist both corporations and individuals (corporate officers, directors and employees) in criminal proceedings and investigations arising from a full range of crimes as briberies and corruptions, money laundering, tax offences, environmental and safety offences, insider trading and market manipulation, and, in general, crimes in the economic, industrial and commercial fields.


We also assist our clients in civil litigation involving allegations of criminal misconduct or other types of malfeasance.


We conduct internal investigations for corporations that have discovered suspected misconduct by their employees, involving acts that directly victimize the company or give rise to potential civil or criminal liability (corporate liability, provided by Italian Decree 231/01, antitrust or environmental crimes, etc.).


Successfully managing the risks arising from this increased focus requires a deep understanding of both the technical legal requirements of multiple jurisdictions and the practical concerns and investigative methods used by government regulators and criminal prosecutors. Most importantly, early identification of potential criminal and civil liability risks will provide the best opportunity for effectively crafting a response that protects the long-term interests of the client in all relevant jurisdictions


LTA provides advice on the creation of management compliance programs adapted to the concrete needs of the client, with the aim of facilitating the rapid and efficient adoption of the relevant module in the corporate environment.


In particular, LTA assists with:


  • Mapping risk areas
  • Identifying more effective security and prevention measures.
  • Drafting modules and procedure documents connected with its application.
  • Developing procedures to ensure the maintained efficiency of the system.