Presentation and concept

Legal Tax Alliance is the result of a group of professionals sharing the same level of technical excellence and moved by same ethos and business vision coming together to implement a new business model in legal and tax services.


Reacting and adapting to the sudden and radical changes of the economy is no longer a just way of saying preached by many and abided by few; today it has become a real and unavoidable necessity.


Based upon that premise LTA partners set their minds to give shape to a new way to deliver the highest degree of professionalism in the realm of legal and tax services for their international client base.


Highest professional standards, reliability, timely execution, transparency, constant accessibility, world-wide-reach, areas of specialisation encompassing all the spectrum of the legal and tax services, are delivered to our clients drawing on the resources of our extensive Network of selected professionals.

Far from being an intangible entity, our Network is the most accomplished embodiment of a good decade of professional and personal relationships coming together under one roof; it is the visible expression of hundreds of cases handled all over the globe, of thousands of opinions rendered on the most diverse subjects, of dozens of transactions carried out in that seamless coordination that only a strong culture of excellence shared by all peer- members of the Network can grant.


If it is a truism for the economy in general, the importance of the "intangible assets" has definitely become the corner stone of the professional world.


Our people's know-how, proven track record, cultural and professional diversity, our uncompromising ethos of full professional focus and personal dedication to our clients' needs have little room and even less desire for high-end office facilities, administrative personnel, internal rules and regulations necessary to manage high level of employees turn-over and none for the corporate guidelines and bureaucracy necessary to come to terms with the political tensions and conflicts of interest inherent to all large organisations.


Free from all the frills and embellishments, we focus only on the core of our business so to deliver a real and very concrete professional added value, stripped of all unnecessary costs and always fully matching all of our clients' needs; nothing less but also nothing more.
We are an agile, flat, pro-active, nimble, connected organization, driven by the passion for what we know we can do putting our minds to work together, confident that creating an environment where our partners are really free to express their maximum of professional capabilities will be unquestionably well perceived by the clients at the receiving end of the service.





A transparent and highly tailored service approach, the desire to innovate on legal and tax solution always striving to understand our clients' business needs in order to then give them the proper legal frame work and tax structure rather than forcing economic reality in pre-made service boxes, full and direct accountability for our advise, a pro-active approach made possible by a professional relationship with a strong personal flair are our distinctive values.





Exploiting technology advancement in order to both create and deliver new tangible value in the legal and tax domain through a professional network dominated by a strongly shared culture of excellence and direct accountability to clients.

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