Restructuring & Insolvency

LTA deals with all aspects of company restructuring and insolvency law. Our lawyers represent bankruptcy trustees, court commissioners and extraordinary administrators appointed in insolvency proceedings. We provide advice in the various stages, including the implementation of the restructuring or liquidation plan, the possible subsequent sale, the assessment of debts, the defence in the case of litigation.


LTA assists banks, investment funds and other investors in acquisitions, turnarounds and investments in financially troubled companies. We also advise insolvent companies in relation to corporate and business restructurings.


Our attorneys assist clients in connection with all insolvency aspects of banking, financial and commercial transactions. Our services include:


  • management and assistance of procedural bodies under the bankruptcy procedures, arrangements with creditors, compulsory administrative liquidation and extraordinary administrations
  • preparation of debt restructuring and repayment plans for the companies that are experiencing a crisis, and consequent agreements with creditors ("turnaround") in relation to the various instruments granted by law, including restructuring plans, restructuring agreements, out-of-court agreements and composition with creditors;
  • renegotiating and restructuring the debt with financial entities and borrowers, analysing and adopting the appropriate precautionary measures to protect the client's interests in adopting business reorganisation plans such as the sale of assets, businesses and receivables, personnel reduction, also as part of collective proceedings, transactions with creditors, repayment plans and moratorium plans;
  • assignment of distressed loans, assisting clients in relation to all aspects of financial restructuring, from the moment of default to the conclusion of the restructuring or liquidation operation, identifying and trying to maximize the leverage of our clients;
  • identifying potential liabilities of directors and shareholders under the managing of business crisis;
  • assisting our clients in litigation arising from situations of financial crisis, either in ordinary and bankruptcy courts or in arbitration. We assist in cases, both as plaintiff and defendant, related to preferred rights, revocation actions and in debts recovery and verification;