Media and Entertainment

LTA provides a full range of services in the entertainment business, including advising on the creation and exploitation of music, television, film and online content.


Our lawyers assist independent film productions in identifying appropriate Product Placement strategies, specifically relating to the structuring of financing operations and in assessing the existing copyright of a film so as to organize the sale or acquisition of same, while naturally providing effective drafting and preparation of contracts for each of these activities.


Specific areas of focus include:


  • Protection of rights in a name or image.
  • Sponsorship and merchandising.
  • Business Consulting on Product Placement.
  • Consulting on private financing operations related to the movie industry.
  • Clearance of rights.
  • Contracts realted to the above issues.
  • Prize competitions.


LTA also advises telecommunications operators and service providers on regulatory matters and in the media sector the firm regularly handles a broad range of media transactions providing general commercial advice as well as handling contentious issues.


LTA advises on all issues and concerns for IT industry based clients including wide-ranging Internet related matters including the legal implications of setting up a web site, electronic publishing, copyright protection on the Internet, multimedia licensing, registration and protection of domain names, on-line trading and e-commerce, licensing, on-line advertising, on-line banking and service provider liability.